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Contemporary Dance Intensive for ages 12-18

Ballet Intensive for ages 9-18

Choreographic Workshop for ages 10-18 

Magical Mornings for ages 3-5

Junior Dance Camp for ages 5-7

Young Dancers Workshop for ages 7-10


Choreographic Workshop 

August 8th-28th

Ages 10 - 18 | M-F | 9:30am -3:30pm


Expand your dance knowledge and artistry through classical and contemporary choreography


The Mill Ballet School's Choreographic Workshop has grown to be a place where young aspiring dancers can work closely with Mark and Melissa Roxey, the outstanding faculty of The Mill Ballet School, and guest artists. The goal of our program is to give each individual a better insight into the technique and artistry of dance. Student's will take classes in both classical and contemporary ballet as well as dance composition. Choreographers will work with students on providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop choreography and understand the process. The three-week workshop will culminate with a dance festival at Music Mountain Theater.

Placement: Please note that a placement class should be scheduled for new students. Please contact director, Melissa Roxey, at 609-397-7244 to be seen in class or privately, prior to enrollment.

Tuition: 3 weeks for $1200

Mill Ballet School, Lambertville, NJ Young dancers speak with teacher

Young Dancers Workshop

July 11-15 | July 18-22

Ages 7 - 10 | M-F | 9:30am - 3:00pm    

The Mill Ballet School's Young Dancers Workshop has been developed specifically for young dancers ages 7-10 providing them with an introduction to more serious dance training.


The goal of the workshop is to give each individual a deeper and more thorough understanding of their technique and the art of dance. While the main focus is on classical ballet, our young dancers will be exposed to other forms of dance including jazz, improv, contemporary, and flamenco. 


The day will conclude with discussions in proper nutrition for young dancers, injury prevention, anatomy, and dance history along with dance videos.

Tuition: Each week $400

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Ballet Intensive

July 25-29 | August 1-5

Ages 9 - 18 | M-F | 9:30am - 3:30pm

Our intensive is for students who are committed to improving their dance technique. During the two week intensive students will build on their understanding of technique through detailed instruction and the breakdown of steps. PBT (progressing ballet technique) and dance conditioning will be the start of the students' day helping them find and feel the muscles needed for proper execution of ballet and contemporary dance technique. Ballet technique, pre-pointe or pointe as well as contemporary ballet, modern, jazz, and classical variations will be part of each student's daily schedule. The goal of the intensive is to provide each student the tools and knowledge to go to their “next level” of training.

Tuition: Each week $450


Magical Mornings

July 5-August 25

Ages 3-5 | Tuesday or Thursday | 10:00am-11am


Preschoolers will spend the morning working on the basic concepts of dance. As they are introduced to the basic concepts of dance they will be encouraged to explore their creativity through movement. Children will gain an understanding that dance is a universal language that can be understood by all!

Tuition: $175

Mill Ballet School Junior Dance Camp

Junior Dance Camp

July 11-15 | July 18-22

Ages 5-7 | M-F | 9:30am - 3:00pm   


Mill Ballet's Dance Camp was created to give young creative students a chance to experience dance from learning the basic technique to performing it. Students will have classes in various dance forms from ballet to hip hop.  During camp students will see how their knowledge of dance technique can be used to create choreography. As their knowledge of dance grows so does their ability to create. In addition dance related activities will cover topics such as music, dance history, and costumes. Students will  have fun playing dance related games and enjoying picnic lunches outside. The goal of the camp is to provide a life-long memorable experience while enhancing each student's overall dance education and appreciation of the art.


At the end of each week on Friday at 2:30pm parents and siblings are invited to an informal performance highlighting the student’s accomplishments. 


Tuition: Each week $400

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Contemporary Dance Intensive

August 1-5

Ages 12-18 |M-F | 9:30-3:30


The Contemporary Dance Intensive has been created for intermediate - advance level dancers ages 12-18.


Students will experience classes in dance conditioning, ballet, modern, contemporary dance technique as well as choreography. Students will have classes with current faculty as well as guest faculty. Guest faculty to be announced shortly. 

Tuition: Each week $450

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