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The Mill Ballet School was founded in 1995 by Melissa & Mark Roxey. The “Mill” received its name from the original home of the school: the Prallsville Mill in Stockton, New Jersey. The school began in the linseed oil building located on the historic property.

After many years of experience as professional principal dancers and teachers around the globe, the Roxeys thought the Mill would be the perfect place to generate artists. The magical backdrop of nature served the school until the school grew too large to remain at the “little Mill”. In 1999, the school moved from its humble one room studio in Stockton, NJ to a spacious state-of-the-art facility in Lambertville, NJ. Over the 20 years plus at this location the school grew and we became an integral part of the community. We watched what was just a residential area with a ballet school become a bustling part of Lambertville filled with food, music, and art. We now look forward to building on what we created in Lambertville in our new home in New Hope. 

Since then, the school has lifted the bar in its cutting edge approach to dance education and high quality artist development. The Mill is recognized as a premier dance training facility in the NY, NJ, & PA area. Dancers of all ages and levels can be found training daily.

The Mill Ballet School's mission is to provide every student with world class dance educational opportunities while studying with the highest caliber professional faculty in both a positive and creative environment. All classes are taught by dance educators from the country's leading dance companies and schools. Instructors communicate with students of all ages and levels in a positive, constructive, and encouraging manner.

The school has launched many professional careers in dance. In addition, it provides a cultural and educational destination for thousands of NJ & PA residents and ultimately cultivates life-long supporters of the art of dance.


our philosophy

TO inspire

To spark a passion inside each one of our students. We believe that great role models produce great role models. We are committed to maintaining an environment in which all students are inspired to explore the art of dance.

To educate

We will provide the very best education in dance  that is relevant to today's dance world. As teachers, we promise to always be prepared, listen and observe the needs of our students, and above all, educate from the heart.


To Create


We will create an environment where students feel safe to explore, try new things, and to not be afraid to fail and try again. We will create dancers that respect, support, and encourage those around them as they learn to achieve their best in the art of dance.



While many of our students go on to successful professional careers in the performing arts, we are most interested in developing healthy, happy, talented, and productive young artists. Our students are recognized as highly trained artists wherever they venture. We want each of our students to be life long supporters of the arts and successful in whatever endeavors they purse. For almost two decades, our students have gone on to perform in most of the major ballet, theater, and television companies in the US and abroad. The Mill Ballet School is the official school of the professional Roxey Ballet Company.


class observation


At The Mill Ballet School, we believe in fostering a transparent and inclusive learning environment. We consider it crucial for parents to stay actively involved in their child's dance education. Through our open-door policy, parents are invited to audit classes at any time, allowing them to witness and understand the valuable lessons their child is receiving. By placing the child at the top of the pyramid, we emphasize the importance of parents actively participating in their child's journey, providing support, and celebrating significant milestones together. This philosophy ensures a holistic approach to a child's development, both inside and outside the dance studio. We ask that visitors be respectful by keeping conversation to a minimum and remove all street shoes prior to entering the studio. Remember that no food or drink is allowed in the studio (excluding water). Parents and students are welcome to discuss their progress with the directors by scheduling an appointment to meet. We ask that teachers not be stopped in between classes to discuss students' progress.

class placement

Classes are offered to students of all ages, at all levels, from beginner through professional. All students are assigned to the class level where they will make the greatest progress. Placement in any class is not based on age or previous dance training. The directors develop a personalized schedule based upon the needs and personal goals of each and every student. The number of classes per week increases as the student becomes technically proficient. Evaluations are given to each student in the spring with suggestions for summer and yearly study. Students taking the recommended number of classes per week can expect a much faster rate of progress. Ultimately, all placement is based on the director's evaluation of the ability, anatomical development, and strength of the dancer. The formal process for enrollment is to first meet with the director for an interview and evaluation. You will then need to be seen in a class. To schedule your placement interview and evaluation click here or call 609.397.7244.

pointe work

Dancers who are aspiring to dance on pointe should understand that a dancer is not placed on pointe according to age or previous training. All students interested in pointe work are recommended to take pre-pointe to better prepare them for the start of pointe. Students must take a minimum of three ballet classes each week. Each student will be evaluated individually as to when they can begin the study of pointe work.

performance opportunity


All students will participate in a Spring in-class demonstration. We provide this for the students and families of The Mill Ballet School and our community to show our accomplishments and to enlighten all about the art of dance. Dancers who have a desire and love to perform are encouraged to audition for the professional company, Roxey Ballet, and its many full length productions, such as "Nutcracker" &  "Cinderella." New productions in Roxey Ballet are performed annually. Both the musical theater and trainee program have many performing opportunities through the year. For information on Roxey Ballet's upcoming productions and audition dates, visit the website or call 609.397.7616.


We feel that every student, regardless of his/her goals, should receive the best possible training. The faculty takes pride in making sure all students receive personalized training and individual attention. No two dancers are alike. Therefore, it is very important for each student to know how he/she can approach the technique in a safe and thoughtful manner.​

children's program


We strive to provide our younger students with self confidence, focus, discipline, and a love for dance by encouraging their creativity and imagination. We begin providing lessons to students as young as three. Dance is a language. The sooner the student begins to speak the language, the easier it is for them to speak it fluently! The Mill Ballet School is not orientated toward competitions and recitals. We feel that students should compete within themselves to achieve a perfect balance of creativity, style, strength and grace. Dance is an art form we strive to preserve. Our students are taught the value of the performing arts so they may become a life-ling supporter of the arts regardless of the paths they may choose.


At The Mill Ballet School, our philosophy diverges from the traditional end-of-year dance recital approach. We believe that dance is an art form meant for exploration, not competition. Our focus lies in the lifelong pursuit of dance as a journey of self-discovery, emphasizing the process over the end product. By opting out of mandatory recitals, we spare our students unnecessary stress and anxiety, allowing them to fully experience dance education. Instead, we invite families and friends to attend formal demonstrations in their child's classroom, providing a platform to witness the progress and growth achieved throughout the year in a supportive and nurturing environment.


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