Teaching team

The Mill Ballet School is home to many practicing professional dance teachers working in all style and levels. Each teacher is hired based on a number of factors, core to the values of the Mill Ballet School and its community of students.

Melissa Roxey
(Founder & Director)


Pre-Ballet, Ballet,

Pre-Pointe, Pointe, Trainee, 

Progressing Ballet Technique

Mark Roxey
(Founder & Director)

Ballet, Boys' Ballet, Contemporary, Trainee

Pinja Sinisalo
Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Pre-Pointe, Character Dance
Christina Holl​

Ballet, Contemporary,

Pre-Pointe, Pointe, Progressing Ballet Technique, Trainee

Kristen Smith
Musical Theater, Adult Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap
Giovanni Ravelo

Ballet, Pointe, Trainee

Lees Hummel

Adult Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Trainee

Marck Flaco

Latin Dance

current and past faculty include

Kate Engelhart, Nerea Borrondo, Matt Baker, Tara Seymour, Kaito Yamamoto, Jace Coronado, Julie Cobble, Catherine Messina, Xiao Xiao Cao, Heidi Yu, Mariana Rodrigues Closs​, Jillian Mitchell, Janessa Cornell, Marc St Pierre, Joanna Defelice, Alicia Curtis, Rebecca Rudolf, Hillary Marie, Dorothy Lister, Stephen Casey, Vanessa Laws, Denise Cecere, Patricia Brown, Carrie Nelson, Jill Harrison, Leland Schwates, Etsio Pavone, Denise Alexander, Richard Jarboe, Andrei Utsionov, Eleyna Martinson, Leoannis Pupo-Guillen, Jose Johnson, Sharon Rudda, Greg Daniels, Marjorie Mussman, Anne Connors, Wendy Star, Cherie Noble, Tim Martin, Ronnie Carney, Nina Janik, David Pittenger, Riiko Kitayama, Sigrid Glatz, Stuart Longeway, Brannon Osburn, Karen Martin, Heather McCoy, Alison Rubenstein, Trinette Singleton, Andrew Papa, Kitty Lunn, teachers from Roxey Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, American Repertory Ballet, Dayton Ballet, New York City Ballet, Alvin Aliey and other professional companies around the US.