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classes at the mill ballet school

All required dance uniforms can be purchased at the Mill Ballet with the exception of pointe shoes. In addition you can purchase required dance attire through Discount Dance Supply. The link below will direct you to the required dance attire section of Discount Dance Supply.

Mill Ballet Sells high quality dance attire and dance supplies.
Mill Ballet offeres Contemporary Dance Classes in Hunterdon, NJ  and Bucks County PA.
Mill Ballet Offers Dance Classes at All Levels in All Styles.
Mill Ballet is school offers a career track trainee program for aspiring professional dancers in Lambertville, NJ

Creative Movement (ages 3-5)

This class touches on the child's expression through movement often as a first movement experience. This class an essential building block for development into ballet classes.

Dress Code: White leotard, white pull on skirt, pink tights, full sole pink leather ballet slippers

Pre-Ballet (ages 4.5-6)

Rhythms, patterns, and form are covered, along with basic movements to prepare students for classical ballet technique. This class is a level two building block for development into a full ballet classes.

Dress Code: Light pink tank leotard, light pink pull on skirt, pink tights, full sole pink leather ballet slippers


Ballet Level 1 through 7

The focus at these levels is to develop and refine the student's solid and strong ballet technique. Focus is placed on technique, Por De Bras, Placement, Body Awareness, Vocabulary, and an overall artistic sense. Each level builds upon the last. Students entering the Mill from another school must be evaluated for correct placement at the school.

Dress Code

Ballet 1: Maroon tank leotard, pink tights, ballet slippers

Ballet 2: Red tank leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes

Ballet 3 : Light blue leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes

Ballet 4​: Royal blue leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes

Ballet 5-7: Black leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes

Contemporary 1, 2, & 3

Elements of Classical Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Urban styles meld together to advance the students' knowledge of their bodies and movement vocabulary. Freedom of movement, rhythm, and intricate movement patterns are the foundation of this class. Popular themes and trends are explored in this offering.

Dress Code: Plain colored leotard, convertible pink tights

Theater Jazz 1,2,&3

All elements and styles of jazz dance are covered.

Dress Code: Black tank leotard, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes


A class designed for the student dancer wishing to pursue pointe work. Emphasis is placed on lower leg strength and flexibility. This class builds the dancers skills for entrance into Pointe 1.

**Students in pre-pointe need soft/demi pointe shoes**

Pointe 1

This class covers the basics of pointe work at a level 1.

Pointe 2

This class is a progression from Pointe 1 and builds the dancer's skills, strength and line.

Pointe 3 

Further progression from Pointe 1 and Pointe 2 for the highest practicing students. 

Hip Hop

Learns the fundamentals of hip hop and street dance.

Dress Code: Athletic wear and athletic sneakers.

Adult Beginner Ballet

Learns the fundamentals of Ballet and get in shape.

Dress Code: Ballet shoes, leotard, tights and dance skirt.

Tap 1, 2, & 3

An exploration of the fundamentals of classic tap at all levels. Adult students are welcome.

Dress Code: Black tank leotard, black jazz pants, black tap shoes

Dance Conditioning

This class targets the muscles used for dance through incorporating Progressing Ballet Technique, Progressing Contemporary Technique, & pilates.

Dress Code: Students in Dance Conditioning must wear convertible tights with a leotard.


Dancers with all types of disabilities are welcome to take classes at the Mill Ballet School. We are a fully inclusive school with over 25 years of experience in the field of integrated dance education. Sit-down dance students regularly take ballet classes together with stand-up students. Children with developmental disabilities are welcome and encouraged to join our programs at the Mill Ballet School. Please contact the school director Melissa Roxey for additional details and placement instructions.

Private classes

(Ages 7-Professional)

A private class can be given to any student who wishes to receive help in an area of a dance class, for performances, weddings, talent shows, or any other reason. These classes are offered in all styles and levels. This service is designed for students at all levels and must be approved and arranged by the director.

Pre-Professional Trainee Division

(Junior 10-13) (Senior 13-up)


This program offers a unique and intensive training program for the career- minded dance student. This program is available to career minded students by invitation only. Dancers work with a variety of outside choreographers in the staging of new works, perfecting rehearsals skills, and learning crafts and techniques a dancer must possess to be considered for a professional career in the performing arts.


Each week, the trainee dancers are mentored alongside professional artists as they experience a variety of performance engagements throughout the year. The trainees develop a unique body of repertory that is performed throughout their 4-6 years in the program. They will also make special appearances with the professional Roxey Ballet Company, the official company of the Mill Ballet School. The dancer is expected to be professional in skills years before they work in a professional company. This program bridges the gap between student and professional artists.


Request consideration with a formal letter to the directors

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